How VoIp Works

VoIP can sometimes be confusing. We have tried to make it easy to understand. If you do however have any questions please feel free contact us.

How It Works

VoIPtig works without using a traditional telephone line, all phone calls are routed over your existing internet connection. Even though your phone uses the internet, it has nothing to do with your computer. Laptops and PC’s do not even have to be switched on for your phones to be active. VoIP lines are not exclusively used to make calls between other VoIP users either, in fact the person you are calling does not need a VoIP line or an internet connection at all, the only thing that is needed in a regular phone. Likewise, if someone is calling you, it will be routed directly to your VoIP line.


It is that simple, we can even provide the phone with the system fully configured and ready to be used. Multiple VoIPtig lines and extension numbers can be added to your one broadband connection. Offices which are in different countries or locations can be connected together through VoIP without paying international calling rates.

We can even provide you VoIPtig phone with a local area code of your choosing so you will have a regular landline number which customers will recognise.

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