Incoming DID number

Your business communications can be enhanced with a DID inbound VoIP number.

What is a DID number?

DID (direct inward dialing) is simply put, a number which your business can use with the VoIP system giving you a local number of a specific area or region. Customers will have a recognisable number to call you on, meaning they will be able to trust your company and use your service or product. 

Features and benefits

  • Calls can be routed to any VoIP destination or divert calls to any phone number worldwide.
  • There are no incoming call charges for receiving calls using VoIP. Charges for diverted calls many apply on destination.
  • Calls can be received from anywhere in the World, callers will not be changed any extra charges.
  • Compatible with both SIP and IAX protocols.

How to obtain a DID number

Obtaining your very own DID number is simple. Contact VoIPtig with your reuqest i.e the area code you are looking for as well as the number of phones you will be using this area code for. We will then quote you for how much the DID will cost. If you choose to go through with the transaction the DID number will be assigned to your account and will be unique to you.